Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Enchanted Secrets - free May 16 - May 18

So, I was trying to sell Enchanted Secrets and use the proceeds for National Missing Children's Day, which is May 25th. Unfortunately, I have only have 15 sales on that book equaling $5.25 in profits after Amazon's cut...not a very good collection since it's May 14th already. So, I'm going to try another approach and give it away free for three days. I know, it doesn't sound logical, but I'm hoping that in those three days my overall author/book rankings will increase and then after the promotion is over, people will start taking more notice of Enchanted Secrets. If anything, it might help my Zombie Games and Night Roamers sales and I can use some of those proceeds to make my goal of $625. I've already donated $25 and my editor, C. Pinard has donated her services on Enchanted Secrets, which was awesome. Just going to stay optimistic, say a little prayer, and see what happens.

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