Thursday, August 8, 2013

Thank You

I just really want to say thank you to all of my readers, and to all of the lovely reviews I've been getting. Reading all of your kind words inspire me to keep writing. I also encourage anyone who has a passion for books and writing, to give it a try. It takes a lot of patience and time, but the rewards can be amazing. Even if you just want to write a book and give it to your family as a gift, go for it! That's how I started. I wanted to create a zombie book for my kids, through (where you can publish your own paperback for free through Amazon). I then decided to try and sell it through Amazon Kindle, which encourages. I figured, why not? The worst thing that could happen is that people will not like it, but at least I gave it a shot. And I did. I offered Zombie Games (Origins) for $.99 (the lowest price that you can sell a new book). Then, I walked away from the computer for a couple of days, basically forgetting about it.

And that's when things changed.

 When I checked back, not only did I have a few sales, but the reviews were unexpectedly great! I was shocked and couldn't believe that people actually liked my book. From that point is where my writing career took off. Now, I'm not rich and I haven't made the NY Times Bestseller List, but this fall I am quitting my day job, and writing full time. I feel blessed, and so very thankful that I have this opportunity. Not only have I met so many wonderful people but this is my dream job, and that's why I tell everyone who inspires to write- GO for it.Obviously, not everyone is going to have the same results, but you might. Heck, YOU might end up on the NY Times Bestseller List, and I really hope that you do. If I can be part of that journey, and an inspiration to you, I will be ecstatic for you! I support other authors 100% and really wish only the best.

If you have any questions about self-publishing with Amazon, sign up here for a free KDP account and you'll find all kinds of information. Also, check out the Community Discussion Boards. The authors there are also helpful.

Good luck and thanks again.


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