Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Zombie Games Five - Late release sale of only $.99 end of October.

Unfortunately, there will be a delay with Zombie Games Five. It's taking much longer to write than I had initially predicted, mainly because I really want this book, which WILL be the final installment, done right, and not rushed. So, I'm going to shoot for the end of October and will offer an awesome sales price of only $.99 when it's available. I will keep you posted when it gets closer to the release date. So sorry for the delay.


Sethia said...

I'm so excited. Please take all the time
you need to make it just the way you pictured it. I hope this isn't your last zombie themed series. I have to confess after I read Oragins, I went and singed my 9 year old daughter up for karate. I'm very proud she's now an Orange belt and loves it. She knows I love zombies and I told her about Zombie Games and Cassie, now she want me to put up a sing that says "Zombies beware black belt in training". She's so cute. Can't wait till October, and thanks for the great price :)

Kristen Middleton / K.L. Middleton said...

That's awesome! My oldest daughter Cassie is twelve and in Karate too. I think it's an awesome sport for girls to get into (and boys of course!). I like that - Zombies beware black belt in training...lol. I think you should add - Bring it! at the end of the warning...hehe